International Civil Aviation Day


By the December 7th, the International Civil Aviation Day, this is the anniversary of the establishment of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Nations worldwide honor this day, organizing various programs to emphasize the significance of the aviation industry in people’s lives. They underscore the importance of maintaining and enhancing the safety and efficiency of this industry.

In line with these efforts, the annual CANSO conference recognized the best in the aviation industry:

-Global Aviation Safety Award
-Best Innovation in Airport Passenger Related Processes
-Best Innovation in Airport Operations and Installations Management
-Best Airport Innovation Leader

-Global Aviation Safety Award: Canada’s Air Navigation Service won for developing Fatigue Risk Management Software (FRMS).

-Best Innovation in Airport Passenger Related Processes: Incheon International Airport.

-Best Innovation in Airport Operations and Installations Management: Hong Kong International Airport.

Best Airport Innovation Leader: Maurice Jenkins, Chief Innovation Officer, Miami International Airport.

In celebration of this day, the radar controller at the Tehran Area control center, known as the “runway runner,” ran 16 kilometers at Ramsar Airport, extending congratulations to all aviation industry professionals. Mr. Hossein Nazari, the air traffic controller, had previously run on various runways at different airports.

The Iranian Air Traffic Controllers Association extends congratulations on this significant day to all dedicated individuals in the aviation industry, expressing a wish for further advancement in the civil aviation .

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