Everything about Mehrabad Airport runways


Mehrabad Airport has two parallel runways in the directions of 290 degrees and 110 degrees, known as 29R&11L and 29L&11R.

The centerline distance between these two runways is 222 meters, which is below the standard separation required for simultaneous landings and takeoffs, posing significant constraints for air traffic controllers at Mehrabad Airport.

The length of the 29R&11L runway is 3996 meters with a width of 45 meters.
The 29L&11R runway is 4041 meters long and 60 meters wide. This runway is equipped with the ILS (Instrument Landing System).

Comparing the dimensions of Mehrabad runways, navigation aids for each runway, and the obstacles present at the airport, the preferred and primary runway is generally 29L&11R. The 29R&11L runway is used for landings only in emergency situations and primarily for takeoffs.

The elevation of Mehrabad runways from the mean sea level is 3799&3796 meters from the 29 side and 3950&3965 meters from the 11 side, with a difference roughly equivalent to the height of a 15-story building!

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