IRAN ATCA Mountaineering Team defeateted Damavand Peak


The other day when we twinkle at the adventure,
The worthy sacrificing on your love path.
we’ve packed for the labour of your love acme,
we have raised the flag on the top of Mount Damavand

After several successful climbs to the country’s highest peaks, Among them, #Sabalan , #Azad , #Naz, this time the Iranian Air Traffic Controllers mountaineering team of IRAN ATCA took action to conquer the highest, which is a symbol of stability and endurance, #Damavand_Peak was defeated.

While congratulating these esteemed colleagues, IRAN ATCA wishes favourable outcome and health to them and all the esteemed audience.

The Honorable Conquerors of Damavand Peak from right side are: Majid Roshani – Saeed Qavidel – Alireza Jafari – Ali Khodapour – Lotfolah Ozgoli – Amin Sabet Mehr

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